Television Blogs You Should Tune Into

Are you looking for a place to find all your favorite TV spoilers? Read reviews on your favorite episodes, or just voice your opinion on your favorite (or not so favorite) parts of this week’s episodes? Then following a TV blog is perfect for you. Here is a list of three television blogs to help fulfill your TV fix.


TVLine is a blog I often turn to when I’m looking for the latest spoilers on my favorite television shows. The format of their blog is clear and concise, with photos that accompany all of their stories. Their writing takes on more of an informal tone, which helps to grab the reader. The posts consist of quotes from television creators, writers and actors, helping to support their story. The blog builds a community by allowing readers to post comments as well as an “Ask Ausiello” section. This allows readers to send in questions about their favorite television shows.

Entertainment Weekly 

Entertainment Weekly covers their television news both online and in print. One of the biggest strengths of the blog is their reviews on a variety of television shows. Each week a list of television shows are rated and given a corresponding letter grade. The site also posts video interviews of cast members, TV trailers and pop culture personality tests. Entertainment Weekly’s television blog falls into a specific niche. The blog allows for readers to interact with one another by leaving comments at the bottom of each story.

The TV Addict 

One of The TV Addict’s biggest strengths is the bold headlines and large photos used on their home page. Each title is specific and to the point. The photos that correspond with each story are dramatic and appropriate, drawing the reader to the article. The stories are written in more of a sarcastic tone, with dramatic punctuation. Just as the other blogs, The TV Addict provides a space for the readers’ comments, creating a sense of community.


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