Strangely Specific Science Blogs

Strangely specific blogs are fun to follow because their posts stand out on my newsfeed. Strangely specific science blogs are even more fun because they fill me in on things that I didn’t even know I needed to be filled in on. Sometimes the “wow” moment for readers comes when a journalist answers a question that the reader didn’t even know he or she had. Below are a few of my favorite strangely specific science blogs that will teach you things you didn’t know you wanted to know.

1. Wired Science Blogs – The landing page for blogs at is a feed of all the recent posts from Wired Science bloggers. The bloggers all have strangely specific blogs of their own —the science of volcanos, of alcohol, brains, animal behavior— but the strength in having a shared landing page is that posts are constantly updated. The woman who only writes about germs and diseases doesn’t have to post a story everyday. Collectively the group works together to create a page that changes daily. This structure allows the reader the freedom to only read the author who writes about outer space, but also allows the reader to browse all the blogs posts at once. This blog also has great photos and diagrams to go along with stories.

2. Discover Blogs – Discover Magazine has a similar structure to Wired Science, where all of its bloggers have a shared feed on the homepage. One blog that I enjoy in particular is called The Crux. This blog publishes such original story ideas that I’m always surprised at what I see as I’m scrolling. What is baby sign language? What is virtual body swapping? I like this blog because although its author didn’t think of these questions (and find their answers,) they decided that it’s a pretty big idea readers would be interested. This blog creates a community with other blogs by reposting articles like these and giving credit where it is do. It’s a must read for those “wow” moments you didn’t know you needed.

2. EcoGeek – Eco Geek is just plain interesting. It’s not updated on a real scheduled basis, but when it is it’s for something good. The blog was founded by Hank Green, the awesome internet nerd guy from VlogBrothers, who is also brother to American author John Green. Green created the blog to write about the relationship between technology and nature. The strength of the blog is its depth in research and its clear language. I enjoy the dedication to energy efficiency and biofuel. Green technology should be our future. Solar powered windows could be the solution to eco-friendly smart homes! Does anyone get excited about this stuff or is it just me? Going Green is cool. It’s also punny because his name is Green.


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