Physics for Fishes

Physics Buzz does a great job of using video, audio and pictures. The blog also offers in-depth analysis of everything currently going on in physics (discoveries, controversies, events). The blog does an excellent job of being relevant. I especially liked the post titled Three Physics Phenomena From a Winter Wonderland because it made me think a lot deeper about snow and winter. Cocktail Party Physics makes it easy to keep up with progress being made in physics by compiling all the major events that have happened into “Physics Week in Review.” It’s also great that the blogger posts lists of her favorite publications so that people who find her content compelling can explore other books and websites. Dot Physics is awesome because it engages people who might not ordinarily be interested in science by explaining the physics behind everyday things, like pennies and bananas. This blogger also does a good job staying relevant, i.e. the Sunday post about the physics of the Super Bowl.


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