Human Right Blogs That Make A Difference

Dear reader;

In this post I will try to evaluate and analyze three of my favorite blogs on human rights and talk a little bit about their individual strengths and differences, and also about how they build their community. I hope that you will find this information interesting and useful.


Kristof, a journalist and a winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, in his New York Times’s blog writes about human rights and the effects of globalization, with a special focus on third-world countries. What I like the most about this blog is that the reader’s voice is really heard and acknowledged. Through their writing and experiences we get the sense of how people in the countries of turmoil and unrest really feel. A good example of that was a story of a Pashtun woman in her early 20’s who wrote anonymously about the situation of students in Pakistan.


The Blog of Rights is armed with information on everything from human rights to women’s rights, voting rights, racial justice, capital punishment, and a lot more. The blog is constantly updated with new and useful information and with trending topics like the First Amendment or War on Drugs. Although the blog provides real depth and analysis, it is still very practical and easy to use. A great feature of the blog is that readers can see what blogs were the most popular and which ones were most commented. Also, there’s a link to blog archive and a link to affiliate blogs that make the navigation easier and pleasant.


The writing style of the blog is very much like the writing style of a major news-organization like the Times. Blog posts may well be news stories. The writers are issue experts and lawyers. Nonetheless, the blogs are easy to read and are down to the point. The blog’s strengths are immediacy and excellent resourcefulness, but there is definitely less interaction with the audience.


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