Favorite Technology Blogs

Whether your interested in sports, art, music, politics, gaming, or business there is inevitably going to be some sort of technology involved in that subject. Technology is important, the smallest (silliest) gadget invented by some hack in a shed has the potential to change the world. These three blogs are worth your time because they cover a very wide range of technologies from all around the world.


This blog is interesting because it has a lot of international posts. contributors often tackle topics with very serious implications but you’ll also find several posts about lighter subjects that are fun and interesting to read about.

New York Times: Bits
“The Business of technology.” There is a vast corporate and industrial infrastructure that keeps the gears of technological advancement turning. this NYT blog does an exemplary job of delivering very current and immediate coverage of the all-important business side of tech.

Mashable Tech Blogs

Mashable’s blog may have evolved into a pseudo news-aggregate site but its tech blogs still hold up in a unique way. It’s at the forefront in content immediacy with daily updates that move as fast as half a minute. The technology blogs are also interesting for a high ‘strangeness factor.’ If you want to find a story about an origami robot that can fold itself into a paper boat put it in Google and I promise that you will find it, but your more likely to find it faster in Mashable.


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