Exiting the Blogosphere: Beam Me Up, Scotty.

1. I am a nineties kid, plain and simple. Television, especially sitcoms like Family Matters, All In The Family and Boy Meets World, were on a need-to-watch basis. One of my favorites was Seinfeld. So, how could I not love the blog Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The blog is about Jerry Seinfeld paling around with top name comedians getting involved in silly shenanigans. What could be bad? The blog runs strictly videos with hours of hilarious footage. There is not much to read, but in going to a blog like this (expecting visual/audio gags and jokes) I do not want to sit there and read. The blog is actively advertised on television and radio as well as a large following on social media outlets.

2. I love do-dads and thingamajigs. I always want the best chachkas for every scenario — my bank statement can be shown as proof. I stay on top of it all with Everyday Carry. Yes, you can buy stuff on it but I don’t use it for that reason. This blog allows people to share what they carry with them. People are organized by profession so the reader can compare their belongings with others of the similar trade. What is that saying about birds of a feather flock together? In all seriousness I am pretty sure “birdwatcher” is an option. With large free flowing photos and lists of belongings catching my eye, I can be entertained for hours. Everyday Carry has a large social media following and even a hashtag, #EDC.

3. Fencing has been a big part of my life. I like to stay up to date with international competing records, especially as the Olympics roles around. But I cannot stand the blog The Fencing Coach. It just looks sloppy. The WordPress theme creates a long scrolling page effect for the reader making it feel very unorganized. Although the terminology used is easily understandable and the writing even quirky at times, it is hard for me to stay on track reading long form articles. Plus, as a J-School student, the inconsistent grammar style drives me nuts. One minute we are referring to Pennsylvania, then Penn., to then PA and finally Pa. Pick one!


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