Entertainment News and You

In my search for blogs to follow, I found a few about the entertainment and celebrity sphere that I think are interesting and informative. While entertainment news and the lives of celebrities might not peak everyone’s interest, this is what I spend what little free time I have between school, work and my internship.

1. Earshot: This blog, found on The Hollywood Reporter focuses on the latest in music news, and is both timely and informative. With so much happening in the music world all day, every day, I think the writers who contribute to this blog are effectively delivering the news to their readers. Each post has the writer’s email and Twitter handle at the end of it. Though I think this is now standard in our digital world, these writers, as well as the website on a whole, continuously post and interact with readers on social media. Music has such a wide range of genres, which means that there are different kinds of readers and personalities that go along with them. I think this blog does a good job in touching on different genres and creating a sense of community between readers, no matter what their music tastes may be.

2. Gawker: Like reading about the Big Apple? Then Gawker is for you. Focusing on all things related to entertainment news and gossip in and around New York City, Gawker’s tagline is “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news.” This blog has a little bit of everything for everyone. The good thing about Gawker is the immediacy and capacity of the blog’s daily posts. The blog’s website is updated frequently throughout the day, which means that viewers can click around at different times of the day and find a new post. Other blog sites are linked on the website, which aids in gaining more readers who may like other things, such as sports. This blog just builds community as a whole.

3. Gothamist: I find this blog to be very much like Gawker in almost every way, except Gothamist posts more humorous content and things that might not be typically found on a news blog. Gothamist gives more of a New York City street flavor than anything else. Posts are made daily and typically cater to those that like New York City and the media/entertainment. I think it’s overall a good blog to follow when you want a pick-me-up throughout your day. And who doesn’t like a pick-me-up?


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