Blogs That Hit the Mark, and Blogs That Miss.

People talk a lot about blogging. Admittedly, it is a strange word – “blog.” Sounds a lot like “clog.” Not a word that can be taken seriously if it is said enough times, however, there exists thousands of blogs across the massive scope of the internet which can publish some pretty serious content. The important part is how this content is recieved by an audience. Some blogs are excellent, some are good, and some are dull, sparse, outdated, or just inexplicably bad. For those with an interest in writing, a little bit of time, and a vague understanding of basic technology, YOU can join that massive scope – but there are some things to keep in mind. Provided are an analysis of three blogs that may give some insight into what’s considered the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. Her Agenda, was recommended by Cosmopolitan in an article titled, “5 Inspiring Blogs You’ll Want to Start Reading Daily.” The material is fresh, interesting, and maintains a consistent theme, posts are published frequently from a variety of different contributors, the website aesthetic is arresting without being distracting, and it provides comment space for readers to contribute their thoughts on each post. It’s a blog for any woman (or man) with a broad range of interests and one overarching question: how to improve your life?

2. TUT‘s blog is fairly new, the first post was created in November, but the content is detailed and well-written and its creator does feature other writers to create a diverse selection of material that deals primarily with topics of self-help. It also provides readers the chance to build an interactive community with comment space below each entry. Based on the quality of the posts, this blog has potential to successfully grow its readership, however, the posts become more infrequent as the months progress (there is only 18 posts in total). Mark Briggs, author of the book “JournalismNext”wrote, “Although blog love can’t be measured, it becomes obvious after six months who loves and who loathes their blogs.” In this blog’s case – that seems to be happening for the worse.

3. Shooting From the Hip, also featured on the paper’s website, was the Chicago Tribune’s photojournalist Scott Strazzante’s blog before he began working for the San Francisco Chronicle last July. He provides plenty of compelling images which are not upstaged by an abundance of text, though it is clear to the reader what each post is about. Strazzante also provided comment space below every entry and had been publishing new material consistently – important to remember when developing your own blog. Readers want to return to fresh material. If you can’t be a reliable blogger, they aren’t going to be a reliable reader.


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